Dear Everyone,

I am dearly sorry for saying this, but I am quitting role playing for good.  I am only going to have one blog.  OOC.  My first post will explain everything.  I am sorry to all whom I entered in my contest and my enter Pretty Committee.  I truly love all of my fans whom have been with my the past month.  It’s SO painful to quit, but it’s the right thing to do.


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Do you wanna be a GLU?

GLUs – A brand new page on my blah-g!

Hi girlies!  I added a new page to my blah-g, GLUs!  If you don’t know what it means, check out my PC Vocab page!  Well, to be a GLU, you must be worthy enough to be added to the list.  Check out the page to see more deets.

Anyway, sawree to all of my ah-doring fans that I have been gone lately! I have been just so busy this summer, between hanging out with TPC, shawpping, and hanging out with my ah-dorable boyfriend, Josh Hotz!  Speaking of him, I need to tell you girlies what happened at the movies on Wednesday!  Okay, so here’s what happened:

Me & TPC and our boyfriends/crushes went to the movies to go and see Eclipse (Taylor Lautner is so HAWT ;). Anyway, after we all bought the tickets and gawt some snacks (well, after Kuh-laire and Cam gawt their gummies to feed to each other 🙂 we went into the theater and took our seats.  We practically took up one whole row, since it was Me & Josh (Oh, and I know I never told you girlies, but I decided nawt to upgrade! I decided to be awn Claire’s side, since Josh is just so ah-dorable!), Mass & Landon, Claire & Cam, Kris & Her Upgrade, and Dyl & Her Upgrade (forgawt their names, eeks!). That’s ten of us, so it was almost a whole row.  So, Landon had the end seat, then Mass, then Me, then Josh, then Cam, then Claire, then Kris, then her upgrade (so sorry, Kris!), then Dyl’s upgrade (so sorry, Dyl!), then Dylan.  When all of the previews were over and the movie finally started, Josh put his arm around me and pulled me closer to him!  My head was awn his shoulder (how romantic!) and then he moved!  He moved to get some popcorn from Cam!  Way to ruin the romantic moment!

So, after Josh finished his popcorn (ew) he put his arm around me again!  The part of the movie was when the vampires were fighting (I was barely paying attention to the movie, but that was the part that I remembered!) and then Josh leaned in to kiss me!  I was ah-mazing!  It wasn’t our first lip-kiss (ahv-iously!), but it was the best!  It was a full 13 seconds (even though Nina might be a little biotch, her and my cousins taught me well!) and the rest of the movie my head was on his shoulder!  Best movie night ever(:

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Alicia Rivera

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Welcome to my blah-g, chicas!

Hola, Chicas! This is Alicia Rivera’s Official Blah-g!

And for the first and last time, MASSIE BLOCK, ALICIA RIVERA, DYLAN MARVIL, KRISTEN GREGORY, AND CLAIRE LYONS ARE FAKE CHARACTERS! People do not understand that they are characters in books that people role play and act out! Alicia Rivera’s Official Blah-g is an official blah-g that is a reliable role-playing blah-g that everyone can trust.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way, welcome to Alicia Rivera’s Official Blah-g!  Here, you can find everything Alicia.  Leave a comment of what you think of it so far (ah-lawt of work has to be done to make it ah-dorable!).  I am updating as much as I can, so please be patient. People have lives outside of WP, you know!

So, as you can see, my colors are orange and yellow.  I don’t want to use too much black, because then it will be like Halloween colors.  Well, I have to go now, I am meeting up with Josh in a little bit.


Alicia Rivera

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